"Tour Guide,BK made my family's trip to Korea special and memorable! He was super-accommodating and knowledgeable about Busan and Korea History! Especially, the food we tried was really good, I never knew Korean food was so delicious! All my thanks to BK and Busan city tours!"

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"Carrie, my tour guide was the best tour guide I've ever met! She was very active and customer-oriented person! During tour, I didn't have to worry anything about where to go or what to have for meals! She made my day during my visit to Busan"

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"Busan City Tours helped me plan for Busan Travel, I literally know nothing about it. So I asked how to look around Busan and where I can visit, tour operator Soo Jin made suggestion plan and it was really good! Haedongyonggungsa had great view of ancient Korea with nature and Marine city and Kwangan bridge showed the modern sight of Busan, from this trip, my sight was widen and I happened to have great memory of my life! Thank you my tour guide, Harry for all your great and helpful service and Soo jin operator! Highly recommend Busan City Tours! I'll definitely come back soon with my family and friends"

Good Job Busan city tours!